Contribute to FireGPG  FireGPG is discontinued. Please read details here.

There is a lot of ways to contribute to FireGPG:

Use it and report bugs / ask for new features

Report bugs to make a better FireGPG is the best way to help it. We can't think of everything, and suggesting new features can help us too. Please use flyspray, the bug tracker to do this, we need to be organised. And don't forget to check if your problem isn't already reported !

Create patches for bugs and new features

It good to report for problem, it's better to correct them by yourself if you know how to use javascript: Your problem will be fixed sooner and it's mean less work for us :]

Translate FireGPG

You want FireGPG in your language ? You want to correct horribles mistake made by us or correct some strings in your language ? Use! You just need an account to make suggestions and if you want you can be an official translator for a specific language!

Make a donation

If you want, you can make a donation using Paypal.

Create documentation

Something realy missing in FireGPG is the documention. You're encouraged to write article to explain to users how to use it and send us the link or the text of what you have done, we will add it on this website.